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MARU - desert  VAN - forest

Maruvan is a project that was established in 2018 in a small village 25km outside Jodhpur with the goal of promoting sustainability and preserving the local environment. We were founded with the support of Afforestt, a renowned organization dedicated to revitalizing native forests through the use of the Miyawaki method.

As part of our mission, we are actively working to collect and preserve native wild tree seeds, with the ultimate goal of establishing a functional seed bank that can be used to support reforestation efforts in the region. In addition to this, we are collaborating with local communities and village elders to create traditional water harvesting structures, as well as natural habitats that can be enjoyed by both humans and local wildlife.

At Maruvan, we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and resources, and as such, we are committed to making all of our processes and efforts fully transparent and available on open source platforms. We also regularly host a variety of hands-on workshops and training sessions, inviting people from all walks of life to learn from our team and become more active participants in the work we are doing. Our ultimate goal is to create a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.



Shubhendu Sharma.JPG

Shubhendu Sharma


Varsha Gurjar.JPG

Varsha Gurjar

Head Of Creative



Team Member

Gaurav Gurjar.JPG

Gaurav Gurjar

Executive Director

Sunny Verma.PNG

Sunny Verma


Shreya Pareekh.JPG

Shreya Pareek

Full Time Director

Mahesh Pareekh.JPG

Mahesh Pareek

Chief Of Finance

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