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Return of the native: How Maruvan is restoring Rajasthan’s desert habitat

30 | Mar 02, 2022

Experiments with native trees, seed bank to revive Rajasthan’s desert ecosystem

Mongabay | Feb 01, 2022

They brought the desert back to life


The Business Line | Aug 25, 2020 



Mini-Forest Revolution.jpg

Mini-Forest Revolution

Chapter Two
Forest in the Desert (Page: 30)

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Tiny FOrest.jpg

Tiny Forest
Small forest, big adventure

Bomen planten in de woestijn

8 Tiny Forests (Page: 147)



ChannelNewsAsia | Aug 29, 2020

The Longest Day - S1E3: Land

Land use and climate stability are a delicate balancing act. Get it right and you can reduce carbon emissions; but get it wrong, and you can fuel climate change while worsening food insecurity and environmental problems. We witness the impact on lives when the balance tips into disaster. And we track one man’s attempt to stop the desert’s cruel march - by planting a miracle.

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